Diego Sanchez vs. Jim Miller, UFC 196 (Getty images)

For both Jim Miller and Diego Sanchez their UFC 196 bout was of the greatest importance. Both men came into the bout having only won one in the last four and a loss would most certainly hurt their chances at a future with the promotion in 2016.

Seemingly both aware of the delicate situation they found themselves in the fight was an exciting one. The back-and-forth scrap saw a lovely mixture of both stand up and ground warfare which ultimately led to Sanchez getting the nod from all three ringside judges.

I take my hat off to Jim Miller, he’s a standup guy. He came in here, he threw down, i hope the fans enjoyed the fight. 

For miller (25-8-1) the future is not so clear having now dropped five of his last six Octagon appearances. A fantastic ground fighter who has some explosive hands Miller is by all means done with his MMA journey. It may just be the last time we see him inside the UFC.

Sanchez (26-8) is the only remaining active fighter from the original season of The Ultimate Fighter 11-years on. A much needed victory has secured him at least one more fight under the bright lights that have been his home for over a decade. 


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