Mark Henry feels Frankie Edgar would dominate Conor McGregor if/when they fight. 

Mark Henry has been in Frankie Edgar’s corner for a long time. Having been in the house at UFC 169 to corner Cory Anderson, Henry was also very interested in the nights main event. 

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz engaged in a memoriable battle in which Diaz was left victorious after a second round submission. Henry was watching very close and now believes more than ever that Frankie, given the opportunity, would beat McGregor impressively. 

Speaking with John Franklin of the Sunday Morning Cornermen Show, Henry opened up about Conor’s loss and how Frankie can defeat the Irishman. 

People this weekend were talking about how amazing Conor is for going up. Well Frankie is 15 pounds less than Conor and was the 155-pound champion. People need to get this into their head when talking about this awesomeness of Conor McGregor. If McGregor is this awesome fighter for going up and getting crushed, Frankie must be the greatest fighter to ever walk the planet. 

As Henry mentioned, Frankie Edgar was the UFC lightweight champion. With a dangerous mix of boxing wresting and underrated bjj skills, Edgar and his coaches feel he is the perfect man to defeat McGregor. 

I think from that fight [Diaz] we know why Conor and the UFC don’t want him to fight Frankie. The guy gasses out and Frankie would maul this kid. Frankie isn’t afraid to throw strikes and has good movement. There’s a lot of things that Conor does to fighters that he wouldn’t be able to do to Frankie.

Having just lost for only the third time in his career, all by submission, the question regarding McGregor will always be the same. How will he fair against a world class wrestler or someone with high class jiu jitsu. As a champion it is key to continue to evolve as a fighter in order to remain on top of the mountain for as long as possible. 

For McGregor, who is a phenomenal striker and kicker, it may be time to spend some more time on the mats to not only sharpen his current tools but possibly create some new fight winning techniques. 


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