With Miesha Tate the current the Women’s bantamweight champion, a second Cat Zingano fight is just a phone call away. 

With in minutes of Miesha Tate’s stunning fifth-round submission victory over Holly Holm at UFC 196 Ronda Rousey had apparently replied a Dana White text implying she was going to “get back to work.”

The history between Rousey and Tate has been very well documented over the years and with news of Tate becoming the new Champion Rousey seems to want to get ready for a third encounter. Would Ronda have had the same reaction of Holm retained the title she so violently took from Ronda last November? I’m sure the answer is yes but we will never know. The two former Strikerorce champions have been rivals for years and twice done battle inside the cage with Tate falling short on both occasions. Yes the story line for a trilogy bout is there but for many it is a fight that no one wants to see…. Right now.

There may be names like Holly Holm,Ronda Rousey and Amanda Nunes with their aim at Miesha Tate but there is one lady who has unfinished business with the newly crowned champion.

Cat Zingano (9-1) holds what many consider a controversial win over Tate. The divisional standouts had a thrilling fight back in April 2013 at ‘The Ultimate Figher’ 17 Finale in Las Vegas. A fight in which Miesha was winning until the third round where Zingano showed heart and determination to get a TKO stoppage over a tough and gritty opponent. Although the knee that ultimately led to the stoppage was deemed legal, many around the world, including Tate, argued the referee (Kim Winslow) missed the ‘illegal blow’ and also stopped the fight too early.

Why does Zingano deserve a crack before anyone else? The answer is simple. These two deadly weapons have unfinished business. There is a score to settle here.

Tate wants to show the world her loss to Cat was a fluke, a bad call from the referee rather then her being outclassed and stopped by strikes. For Zingano who is a gritty and world class striker, she wants to solidify her status as one of the worlds best bantamweight’s and beat another tough opponent, in this case again.

When a fight ends the way Tate vs. Zingano did it is only right the two should meet again. The page needs to be turned. The chapter needs to be ended, and in this case more so than the Miesha and Rousey story. One in which Rousey has a 2-0 advantage over her foe.

The last lady standing walks away with more than just a win. The winner takes it all, the glory, the admiration and above all the GOLD.


4 thoughts on “Miesha Tate vs. Cat Zingano II makes more sense than Rousey Trilogy

      1. Well the idea that Holm, Rousey, Tate are the rock, paper, scissors of women’s bantamweight feels real. I like Zingano but I just don’t think she’s on par. IMO


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