Mark Hunt (Fightland/Vice)

Mark Hunt believes he will not be submitted by BJJ ace Frank Mir. 

Mark Hunt and Frank Mir are set to dance inside the Octagon on Saturday March 19 when the UFC touches down in Brisbane, Australia. 

Frank Mir is a former UFC heavyweight champion and wizard in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Mir also has pure one punch KO power and is never afraid to actually bite down on his mouthpiece and throw leather. His opponent however is no stranger when it comes to striking. Mark Hunt is a former K-1 Grand Prix champion. The former Pride FC vet may possibly be the most beloved figure in all of mixed martial arts. 

The two are days away from squaring off in the main event of UFC Brisbane and Hunt, who recognises the dangers when facing Mir, has promised he will K.O Mir before the former champion can get his ground game going. 

What makes Frank so dangerous is that he is one of the most dangerous grapplers on the planet and he used to be UFC champion. He can catch anyone in the world in a sub, he’s one of the best submission artist in the world. 

How do I contend with Frank Mir’s ground game? The same way I contend with all my other opponents ground game. By knocking them out. He’s not going to submit me, no way. 

When it comes to the stand up game Mark Hunt is a black belt (if there was a belt system of course). Through out his career Hunt (11-10-1) has been putting his opponents to sleep. Most recently it was Antonio Silva who was on the receiving end of a fight ending blow during their rematch at UFC 193 last November in Australia.

Having faced and beaten the worlds top fighters the 42-year old will be looking to add Frank Mir’s name to the list that currently includes Roy Nelson, Stefan Struve, Cheick Kongo, Ben Rothwell, Wamderlei Silva and Mirko Cro Cop. 

If I can still keep up with these guys even at my age then why not? I’m happy to learn a bit everything. I train everything. 

There’s no secret to my game plan. Everyone knows what I’m going to do. I always try to keep simple. I’m what I’m trying to do is knock your face off.


2 thoughts on “Mark Hunt: ‘I will not be submitted’

  1. Frank Mir looked like a punching bag last time out. He’s one of the all-time greats, but unless he looks twice as good (and in better shape) Hunt is gonna pound his torso to a pulp.


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