Josè Aldo vs. Frankie Edgar UFC 156 weigh-in (

Who really deserves the next featherweight title shot? 

Late Friday afternoon, (U.K time), Ariel Helwani dropped a bombshell when he published an article that Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz are going to settle the score in the main event at UFC 200 in July. 

For Frankie Edgar and Josè Aldo this is possibly the worst news either man could receive. Both were in the running to take on the new featherweight King at the biggest show in UFC history in July. 

Edgar has been campaigning for the McGregor fight for the longest. Edgar is coming off a huge TKO victory over Chad Mendes in what was, for Edgar, a No. 1 contenders bout. Unfortunately things never added up and Edgar and McGregor never got to dance. Aldo was looking to possibly get his revenge and take back what he lost at the hands of the Irishman back at UFC 194 after getting dominated in a 13-second KO loss. 

So how does this situation get fixed? Well, Edgar and Aldo need to be UFC 200’s co-main event. Aldo welcomed Edgar to the featherlight division back at UFC 156. A back and forth fight that most agree Edgar won, the judges awarded the decision to Aldo. Since the first fight Edgar is undefeated and has wins over the divisions best like Cub Swanson, Chad Mendes and Urijah Faber which in any other situation would qualify him for a title shot.

Aldo on the other hand had been undefeated for 10-years prior to meeting McGregor at UFC 194 and many, including McGregor himself admitted that he may get an immediate rematch based on that alone. 

The simple way to crown the true No. 1 featherweight title contender is to get Frankie and Josè to duke it out again and to do so on the same night that McGregor fights. It will add drama, intrigue and above all else it will answer the “who deserves McGregor next” question that everyone is asking.


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