Nate Diaz (Zuffa/Getty images)

Nate Diaz was not impressed with Conor McGregor or his trash talk. 

When it was announced that Nate Diaz would be stepping in to replace an injured Rafael dos Anjos to fight Conor McGregor at UFC 196, everyone knew the build up would be legendary. And it was. 

The two men immediately entered a war of words at a UFC gym in California where the first press conference was held. This spilt over into other interviews and a near brawl days before the bout when McGregor lashed out at Diaz causing each of the corners to pour onto the stage. Security and police officers were able to keep the sides apart but it sure did make for some fun viewing. 

The build up was amazing but for Nate Diaz, who spoke with FOX Sports on Wednesday, says he feels as if McGregor’s trash talk was scripted. 

It seemed like a lot of scripted stuff was going on. Maybe he was serious about what he was saying, but it sounded like some bullshit to me. 

No matte what people say, no matter what if he’s winning the argument battles or losing the argument battles…. at the end of the day we’re still gonna get in there and fight. I know what I train with and what I work with and what he’s working with. And yeah. 

Now set to face the Irish superstar again in the main event of UFC 200, Diaz will be able to have a full camp to prepare for McGregor and what ever changes he can bring to the table on July 9. 

Beating McGregor was the biggest victory in Nate Diaz’s career. He’s had some big wins before but nothing to this magnitude. Since the win its very noticeable how much more media he is both receiving and doing but insists nothing has changed in terms of him becoming famous. 

I’ve been in the UFC for nine years. I was famous for nine years. I couldn’t walk through the mall or Walmart at 2 in the morning with out being noticed. 

*The UFC has yet to officially announce the rematch for UFC 200 to be official. 


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