Nate Diaz (

Nate Diaz loves the fact that he shut Conor McGregor’s mouth. 

As I’m sure we are all aware Nate Diaz came in to fight Conor McGregor on just 11 days notice. Not only did he show up but he shocked the world and stopped the featherweight King. 

After a big first round that saw McGregor dominate the exchanges and cut Nate up it was the second round that turned into the Diaz show. Stockton’s own found his range and got super comfortable, taunting and showboating while landing big shots. After a flush 1-2 combination landed on McGregor’s chin the end came soon after. Diaz stuffed a sloppy takedown attempt from a badly hurt McGregor, reversed and ended up sinking in a RNC which brought McGregor to tap. 

Since the fight, Diaz has skyrocketed and become even more popular than before. Noticeably doing more media work, Diaz recently spoke with Fox Sport about the build up to UFC 196, a prank he pulled minutes before facing Conor and more.

It felt good to wrap up that week you know. A week full of anxiety and all that sh*t. 

Click above to watch the full interview and see a side of Diaz we don’t often get to see.


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