Michael Bisping, UFC 199 open workouts

Michael Bisping may be the KING at cutting promo’s, and he’s at it again. 

If you have been around the fight game for last decade or so then you are familiar with a man who’s ability to sell a fight are second to none. That man? Michael Bisping. 

The British standout has been a long perinail contender in the 185-pound division and after 25 fights inside the Octagon “The Count” gets his a shot at UFC gold. Taking on an old foe in Luke Rockhold who won the belt when he stopped Chris Weidman earlier this year, the pre-fight chatter between the two has been, as you can imagine, EPIC! 

Yesterday Bisping spoke to media and cut one of the best promo’s of his career. 

Ay I’ve said it before. Two years, two months, two week, two days I don’t care. Half of the UFC roster are pussies, they wouldn’t take this fight. Jacare wouldn’t take this fight. It makes me sick. I will fight anyone, anywhere at anytime. 

In what can only be explained as being 25-seconds of pure fight selling gold the brash Brit goes into more vivid detail of how he sees the fight playing out on Saturday. 

Watch the full 25 second clip here, thanks to fine folks over at MMAFighting https://twitter.com/mmafighting/status/738390865769435137


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