The possibility of the highly anticipated rematch between Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson just went up a notch. 

Newely crowned middleweight champion Michael Bisping dropped a bomb shell earlier today during a homecoming in Manchester, England.

Bisping is on a media tour of the U.K after his KO victory over Luke Rockhold at UFC 199 earlier this month and today during his first media stop in Manchester dropped a not so small hint regrading his next fight and his possible opponent. 

Well when you’re the champion you get to the call the shots so I’m telling you right now my next fight will be in Manchester. 

Bring Dan Henderson in here and I will knock him out for fun. 

In the past 7-10 days the rumoured rematch between Bisping and Dan Henderson has gained much momentum. Sam Alvey who is a UFC fighter and training partner of one Dan Henderson also posted an interesting picture regarding the potential rematch. 

*Note: No official announcements have been made by the UFC or Dan Henderson. 


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