Donald Cerrone appeared on the JRE podcast on Tuesday and dropped some knowledge on his next fight.

Fresh off a second-round destruction of Rick Story at UFC 202 Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone called out the current lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez. Now we all know the two have history as it was Cerrone who welcomed Alvarez into the UFC in September 2014 at UFC 178. On that night it was ‘Cowboy’ who walked away with the win and now that Alvarez has the gold Cerrone wants in.

Now that all changed after Cerrone caught wind of the fact that former welterweight champion Robbie Lawler had been calling UFC president Dana White everyday to get himself a fight. Lawer lost his title to Tyron Woodley earlier this month and is more than ready to get back on the road to title contention. Cerrone laid down the challenge with the only stipulation being the fight had to be in New York inside the world-renowned Madison Square Garden arena where the promotion makes its debut in November.

On Tuesday afternoon Cerrone sat down with Joe Rogan for an episode of his JRE Podcast and after a few cold ones the conversation moved onto Cerrone and his career. During the conversation ‘Cowboy’ hinted about his next fight.

“It’s not 100-percent yet, but it’s going to be f*cking good,” Cerrone said. “Hopefully, today we get the double thumbs up.”

Cerrone mentioned how he would potentially be matched up against his girlfriend’s favourite fighter (other than him) at the MSG show in November. A fan tweeted Cerrone’s other half Lindsay Sheffield and asked who her favourite fighter was and well the answer is what mma match-making dreams are made of.


Just the thought of these two going at in front of a sold out Madison Square Garden gives me goosebumps. Two long time veterans of the sport who each optimise the meaning of the word fighter. Two men who just want to throwdown and then be friends after. No bad blood, no trash talk just a good old fashioned dust up with the loser potentially being the one to buy the drinks.

The fight makes perfect sense. Cerrone is on a tear at 170-pounds right now after going staright through Alex Oliveira, Patrick Cote and Rick Story. A win over the former champion will surely spring ‘Cowboy’ into future title contention. For Lawler the road back to the title may well be through the rising star in the divison and by taking out Donald Cerrone, Lawler could find himself fighting for the belt sonner than he may think.






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